TurboFire – I am so ready for you!

I am starting TurboFire® on May 7th and I can’t tell you how excited I am.  I have done some of the TurboFire workouts when I wanted to add to P90X in the past but never a full run of the program.  I have gone over the nutrition and have mapped out my first week of meals.  I also have the weighted gloves just to add a little something something to my effort along the way.

May is also Lupus awareness month.  It feels great to be able to start something like this given that I could be a lot worse off with my illness.  If you want to learn more about Lupus and how it affects an estimated 1.5 Million Americans check out the Lupus Foundation of America’s site.

Sometimes to get motivated I like to watch someone else share their success.  Beachbody® is great at giving you different types of motivation to get started, stay with it and finish strong.  Here is a video I found particularly inspiring.  Watch Tarah and see how TurboFire® changed her life TurboFire Success!

Send me a note if you want to Join me in a round of Turbo Fire®!


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