Some healthy gift ideas for Mom! – 10 Days until Mother’s Day!

Everyone loves their moms, some are even spoiled year round!  What is a better way to show them you care than to give them the give that will help keep her healthy and fit so she can enjoy her life to the fullest for years to come?  No matter what age your mom is or if the mom in your life is the mother of your kids one of these gifts is sure to help her feel younger, healthier and happier!

Slim in 6

Slim in six is a six week program that is low impact cardio and uses light resistance exercises in an effort to reshape your body.  If your mom is looking for a short program to get her into shape for the summer Slim in 6 could be for her.

 Tai Cheng

If your mom is like my mom Tai Cheng is the program for her.  Tai Cheng is a no impact program that combines 21st century fitness science with the centuries old techniques of Tai Chi.  She’ll experience increased balance and strength, improved joint function, a wider range of motion, less stiffness, greater flexibility and an overall feeling of natural energy and wellbeing!

Brazil Butt Lift

If your mom is always complaining about her booty Brazilian Butt lift is for her!  This program works your butt from multiple angles to reduce your hips, slim your thighs and LIFT your butt!  I don’t know too many women who wouldn’t love those kinds of results!

Body Gospel

Body gospel combines fitness with inspiration and uplifting gospel music.  This low impact workout is designed to get you moving and lose weight safely.  If your mom enjoys the uplifting spirit of gospel music this program is sure to inspire her!

Turbo Jam

Turbo Jam is a fun exciting program that combines kickboxing, dancing and body sculpting with the amazingly energetic Chalene Johnson.  If your mom is young or young at heart and is up for a fun program Turbo Jam is for her.  Chalene won’t let her down!

Chalene Extreme

Chalene Extreme is focused on building toned muscle so you can lose up to 60% body fat in 3 months.  The program includes cardio to resistance training using resistance bands to help you strengthen as well as slim.  If your mom really wants to work on toning up Chalene Extreme is for her!

10 Minute Trainer

If your mom is extremely busy and getting a workout in is a challenge for her then let me suggest 10 minute trainer.  Tony Horton is quite the charmer (he charmed me) and focuses your workout using a super stacking technique combining toning and resistance bands with cardio and abs to work multiple body parts at the same time.  This program is great for even the busiest people!

Turbo Fire

In Turbo Fire Chalene Johnson is back giving your mom a more intense cardio conditioning program that promises to burn up to 9x more fat and calories than regular cardio does.   This program includes 20 fun remixes that help you push past your limits to achieve your fitness goals.  These videos also offer modified moves for those who would like a lower impact but still intense workout.  Chalene is so energized she keeps you moving the whole time and keeps you coming back for more!  If your mom is already active and wants a new challenge Turbo Fire could be for her!


P90X is one of my favorite programs.  Tony Horton offers a diverse set of workout programs all designed to get you in the best shape of your life.  Using muscle confusion to constantly challenge your body with new moves and routine your mom will see incredible results.  There are modified examples for those who cannot take high impact during the cardio and during the whole program Tony says “Do you best and forget the Rest!”  The strength training, core, cardio, yoga and flexibility training in this program covers all your basis.  If your mom is looking for a challenge she won’t be disappointed with P90X


Sending Shakeology to your mom is like thanking her for every healthy meal she made you growing up.  Shakeology will make sure your mom gets all the nutrition, vitamins and minerals that she needs to keep her going and keeping up with life or grandkids!  Replace one meal a day to increase her energy, reduce cravings, lose weight, improve digestion and regularity and transform her health!  It’s a great compliment to any of the workouts shown above!

I would love to have a group of moms and daughter’s /son’s or a group of moms and their friends who want to keep each other motivated and improve their life through nutrition and fitness.  As a mom who worked out with my kids it was highly motivating and kept me accountable to not just keep up with them but be a great example for them.  Fitness and exercise has brought us closer and I know that it would be a great gift for your mom this year!

Let me know how I can help you whether it’s choosing a program, building a new group or discussing limitations and challenges you may be facing and need help with to reach your or your mom’s fitness goals.

Hears wishing all those moms out there a Happy and HEALTHY Mother’s day!



  1. Great ideas! It would be great to not only get a program but to get to work out with your kids – what a great bonding opportunity. Happy Mother’s Day!


    • Thanks Ellen. It was great watching my boys working out. I was able to help them if I thought their form was off and keep an eye on if they were overdoing it until they got the gist. Also, having them cheer me on was a big motivator! Happy Mothers Day to you too! One funny story out of our P90X experience is I realized how competitive my sons were with eachother. Did you ever see two boys arguing over who had the best downward dog? LOL


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