I can’t do a Beachbody program at home – I need a buddy to keep me going! It’s too expensive!

I hear this from so many people.  How many of you have gym memberships but only go once a month?  How about once every 6 months?  That was me!  I was one of those people.  We paid hundreds of dollars a month for a family membership to the YMCA and hardly ever went.  My excuses for not going weren’t anything special… It’s cold out (I’m not a fan of the cold), I don’t have that much time, I’ll do it later, and the list goes on and on.  Can you relate?  Does any of this sound like you?

Getting past the sticker price:  When I bought P90X – I spent less than one month of my gym membership for the family and it lasts minimally (if you only do one cycle of it) for three months!  Savings #1!  Also, my husband, and two teenage sons also benefited from the workouts – Savings #2!  For me that really  covered the financial part of the big benefit for us.  After the first month of P90X we cancelled our gym membership and never looked back.  We were getting all of our fitness needs at home and were so much more consistent with our workouts we knew we were on the right track.

Workout with FriendsThe buddy argument:  I don’t want to work out at home – I’ll never do it unless I have a friend or family member doing it with me.  Beachbody has a number of ways to get a workout buddy.  First you are assigned a coach.  I can’t speak for all coaches but I am engaged with my groups on a daily basis.  I post my workout and I ask them to post theirs in our facebook group.  Challenge groups are the newest model that we have to create your workout buddies.  When you sign up with a challenge group you are placed with 3 to 5 “buddies” that are doing the same program you are and are there for support and encouragement along the way.  You can even invite people through the Wowy Supergym on Team Beachbody to meet up with you at a certain time in the gym, start your workouts and you can chat after online.  Your team is a great resource, if you are struggling put out a message in your group.  I need a buddy for tomorrow!  You will have someone to help you!  You are not working out alone!  Also, so many of the workouts that Beachbody has make you feel like you are in a class.  I am doing TurboFire right now and the way the camera works it makes you feel like you are in the front row of Chalene’s class.  The camera pans and you see others working out and they push you to work harder every time.  Finally there is nothing that says you can’t invite a friend over to workout with you.  Getting another friend exercising is a great way to work out and also maybe help a friend start exercising!  Who knows you could really make a difference in that friend’s life by introducing them to an exciting fun fitness program.

Getting past the excuses:  Working out at home has its own set of excuses that can derail your workout program.  I’m not going to lie and say working out at home is fool proof.  You can still get in your own way.  I’m tired still applies, I’ll do it later… and the list goes on.  Things that really help me stay on track is I schedule it!  By scheduling my workout in my day I know when I am supposed to do it and it helps me stay on track.  Also, I have a designated area in my house for my workouts.  I walk past this area multiple times a day.  It’s hard to ignore that I should be using this space and getting my workout in.  Seeing it every day makes it real and will help remind you to do it!  I also post positive reminders for myself in different areas, whether on my monitor, on my bathroom mirror, on the fridge – whatever I need to help me with what I am struggling with that is keeping me from my fitness and nutrition goals.  Working out at home for me is so much easier.  I see my space every day, I have invested in my home and my health at the same time by having this space and I use it unlike my gym membership.  If your gym membership hasn’t been used recently I urge you to put your membership on hold (many gyms will allow you to do this) and try a Beachbody program.  They all have money back guarantee so it’s no risk to you.  Be serious about trying it – set up a space for yourself, make your schedule and give it a real go!  I think you will be surprised at how you love your results, how your coach and your group keep you motivated and how much more consistent you are in your workouts!

Not sure which program is best for you?  Let me help you find one that will match your current fitness level, lifestyle and goals!  Here are a few to get you thinking!

Beachbody Programs
A few of the many great programs offered through Beachbody to help you reach your fitness goals!

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