10 Awesome Ideas for Fathers Day!

June 17th is quickly approaching – Do you have a father’s day gift picked out yet for the dad’s in your life? DON’T get him another tie, or another power tool. Give him something that he really needs the gift of health and fitness! Whether it’s getting your husband and the father of your kids off the couch to be more active to keep up with the kids or helping your Dad extend his life by adding regular activity and nutrition there are many choices from Beachbody that can get them excited about being fit!

No matter what your Dad’s age Shakeology is a great product that you can give to him to help him greatly improve his health. It is a great shake that can help you lose weight, have more energy, keep you regular and lower your cholesterol. As a meal replacement shake it contains more than 70 healthy ingredients and 23 Vitamins and Minerals. Shakeology scored very low – only 24 on the Glycemic Index making it much lower than most fruits, some vegetables and pretty much every processed food. This allows for a slower breakdown in carbs giving you a steady stream of energy and helps you maintain a balanced sugar level. It is the Healthiest meal of the day! Visit http://www.myshakeology.com/anastasiajahadi for more information about this great product!

This 90 Day popular program includes 12 routines that keep introducing new moves and challenging your muscles to help get you fit and ripped. Tony Horton is a great motivator and he keeps you engaged throughout your workouts with humor and encouragement. This program focuses on muscle confusion to help you get Extreme Results, it also provides you a 3 phase nutrition plan, calendar and online support. Any Dad would love this program. It’s my husband’s favorite so far!
Maybe the man in your life is a P90X grad or is already quite fit and could be looking for a new challenge. P90X2 ups the ante with a training technique developed by professional sports trainers for world class results: P.A.P or Post Activation Potentiation. You get 12 amazing workouts focused on chiseling your body while building you balance, agility, core strength and athleticism. Tony really created an amazing challenging program that rivals many pro athletes’ training.
If Cardio is the sparkle in your Dad’s eye and they really want to push their limits give Insanity a go. Shaun T gives you an intense 60 day total body conditioning program. You don’t need any equipment or weights just the desire to dig deep and push past your limits. This Max Interval Training program is not your typical cardio; it is 10 insane workouts that will burn up to 1000 calories in an hour. I only recommend this program to those who have semi fit or active Dads that are ready to push their limits!

This workout utilizes barbell based rapid weight loss and accelerated strength training to burn calories and give you a lean, toned body with 7 fat blasting, lean muscle workouts! You will get your very own barbell with this program with a set of two 5 lb and two 10 lb weighted plates, fitness guide, lean nutrition guide and a bonus core workout. If lean muscle is your dad’s goal LES MILLS is the way to go!

Tai Cheng
This program is a revolutionary program for any age. It combines 21st century fitness science with the centuries old techniques of Tai Chi to help reduce joint and muscle pain through better muscle control. You will learn the 18 fundamental moves of Tai Chi in just 90 days. Every day teaches you a new Tai Chi move. Over the length of the program in phases, you will learn to put the moves together into sequence. You will experience increased balance and strength, improved joint function, a wider range of motion, less stiffness, greater flexibility and an overall feeling of natural energy and well-being. Shaun T from insanity recently started this program as many others who do intense programs like insanity have found it so beneficial to your body. I have also heard many a golfer say that their swing greatly improved as well. It has many applications but all will leave you in a better place than when you started.

10 Minute Trainer
For the dad that doesn’t have a lot of time but still wants to get fit – 10 Minute Trainer is the way to go! Another Tony Horton program that combines toning and resistance bands with cardio and abs to work multiple body parts at the same time giving you a time saving but highly effective workout. It’s like multitasking for your muscles! With 10 Minutes a Day you will still see incredible results and your 10 minutes free will becomes time well spent!

Power 90
Power 90 came before P90X and is a great program to start with if P90X looks too extreme. This 90 program leverages a sectional progression training technique where each movement targets a specific zone of the body for maximum fat burning and full body sculpting. Its still a challenging program and you will definitely seem transformational results.

Did you know that Beachbody also sells gear? Shop online today and get barbells, pullup bars, mat’s, dumbbells or medicine balls just to name a few . We have all the right stuff to get your Dad working out to any program.

Gift Cards
If you’re not sure which program your dad would like best give him a Beachbody Gift Card! Beachbody now sells gift cards online and can be a great way to let your dad pick the program best suited to his goals. You can purchase a custom egift card that says Happy Father’s Day right on it. Gift cards are sold in $25, $50, $100, $250 and $500 increments.

If you still are not sure which program to pick feel free to send me a note and I’d be happy to help. Your Dad will see the benefits of your gift for years to come and will be happy that you care to give him the gift of health! Happy Father’s Day to all those great Dad’s out there!


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