Les Mills Pump and Turbo Fire Hybrid

Beachbody has some amazing programs that really are total body workouts.  However, we are human and guess what – we sometimes get bored with our workouts.  Sometimes we feel that these workouts give us a lot of one thing but we feel we miss something from another one.  As I am almost 60 days into Turbo Fire I am really missing weight training.  Turbo Fire does have strength training workouts using the bands and while I find these workouts incredibly challenging, there is something for me about using weights that I love.  I have been watching several teams complete their Les Mills Pump challenges and those teams are having amazing results building lean muscle.  So as I am starting a Challenge group of my own come this August (two weeks away) why not take my last days and turn them into a hybrid between the two programs?

Before I share my version of a hybrid between these two exciting programs I am going to start by saying DON’T over train.  How do you know if you are over training?  Are you having a hard time completing any of the workouts that you had previously made it through?  Are you feeling over fatigued but are eating your set amount of calories and are keeping your food intake healthy?  Are you feeling pain in your joints or your overall body?  Are you getting sick more easily?  These are just a few indicators that you could be over training.  You know your body more than anyone and with any of these programs you need to LISTEN to what your body is telling you.  So I recommend with your hybrid – pick a primary program.  For example.. If you primary program is Les Mills Pump then strive for the Turbo Fire workouts but if your body is telling you it’s too much cut out a Turbo Fire workout or two.  Choose your primary program based on your personal goals.

The Hybrid:  I designed this program using Les Mills Pump as the primary program and then supplemented with Turbo Fire.  Both workouts get longer and more intense as the workout progresses throughout its 90 Days.  I tried to work with the schedules to keep the workouts around an hour a day.  The workouts don’t have to be done back to back in a day; you can do one in the morning and one a night if that works best for your schedule.  But most importantly do what is best for you and your body.

So there you go!  Do you want to give either of these programs or this hybrid a try?  Send me a message and I will place you in a group of others doing the same program to help keep you on track and motivated.


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