Meal Planning at its best

So if you follow my blog you know I am a big advocate of planning your meals.  I have recently changed over to a new website/app called pepperplate (  Every Friday or Saturday I sit down with my cookbooks, laptop and figure out what meals I am going to make for the week.  Previously I would then create a grocery list from the recipes and then do another version of the list in order of my grocery store aisles.  Then I discover Pepperplate. 

Pepperplate has both an app and an online website that you can use and it constantly syncs between your phone, ipad and online account.  I load all my recipes online easily through my computer.  Adding in a manual recipe is actually quite simple and you can tag / categorize your recipe in a lot of different ways.  This app also import from many recipe sites (29 of them actually) such as allrecipes, foodnetwork, and many others.

I personally LOVE the meal planner part.  It allows you to create your meal calendar for the week.  You can just start typing the recipe and it brings up a list you can choose from based on what you have started typing making adding your recipes to you weekly plan so simple.

Either as I am adding the recipes, planning my week or after completing these steps, I can easily build a grocery list from all of the recipes.  The shopping list allows you to delete items you already have and add items that you need that are outside of your recipes.  The best part of the shopping list is you can build your own aisles based on your grocery store layout.  Once you enter in what aisle you have it sorts your whole list into that order making it easy to work through your list.

Finally, you can check off your list as you go right on your phone.  How easy is that?

My list on my phone

My groceries and meal plan is done for the week how about yours?


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