My Walk for Lupus 2012!

This year I decided to get involved and try to raise some money towards our local Walk for Lupus.  I have never participated in these walks primarily because they have always scheduled them late into the fall when the weather was really too cold for me to be out for a walk (no idea who thought that was a good plan) but this year they moved it up to early October.

Unfortunately all my friends had activities of their own and couldn’t join me but I did have my best friend there – my husband and my youngest son Ethan and of course my sweet dog Maggie to walk with me.  I stayed up late the night before and made our team t-shirts.  It was my first time trying to paint on fabric.  I learned a lot.  I think they turned out pretty good and we had a good time.  Next year I know that I need to start earlier in my fundraising and see if I can’t get a bigger group together.  I learned a lot about how they structure the teams and the websites for fundraising and think I could be more effective our second time around.
We were so lucky to have 80+ degree weather!  I am so grateful to all those who contributed to my campaign and moved by many of the families I saw walking with their persons affected by this difficult disease.  It was a great experience and I know that next year I can even raise more awareness.  I would even love to do a fitness challenge group for people with Lupus!  Maybe I need to start working on that now.

I will definitely participate again next year!



  1. The shirts are amazing – you should sell them I would buy 1. Also I am not sure but maybe they do the walk later in the season due to many Lupus patients being intollerant of the suns affects. But again its just a guess. Congrats on ur major accomplishment


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