My review of a few Beachbody Programs

Eating a balanced plant-based diet

It has been a little bit of time since I have posted.  I have been really working hard to get my eating right over the last several months.  I am Vegan now with an occasional fish dish here and there.  Eating this way has definitely allowed me to maintain my weight easily whether I was counting calories or not, exercising or not and has made it much easier when I eat out to make healthier choices.  Although I will say eating out definitely has new challenges for me as most restaurants do not have a vegan friendly menu, I have gotten really good at making a dish vegan and when its impossible – I go to the fish.

Les Mills Combat!

As for my workouts lately I have been doing Les Mills Combat.  I find it to be fun and – I always feel like I could possibly kick some serious ass after finishing one of their workouts.  lol  Now that I have moved through several Beachbody programs I feel like I have come full circle back to P90X.  When I was doing P90X I feel like I was pushing myself harder and in new ways throughout the program.  Since my start I have graduated from P90X, TurboFire, made it through most of the Les Mills Pump and Combat workouts and dabbled in Insanity and Tai Chang.  I found each of them to be instructive and fun in different ways.  Here is my take:

turbofire cover
You’re Not Tired!

TurboFire – FUN!  High props to Chalene for building my confidence, self-image and making me believe I can do anything.  I definitely recommend Chalene if you are down about your body image and LOVE funky fun cardio.  She gets it done and really pumps you up.  I looked forward to my workouts with Chalene every day.  I did miss the weights though – but she did kick my butt with the bands.  Also easy to travel with if you have to travel for your work.

les mills pump
Pump you up!

Les Mills Pump – I had never done a lot of bar bell work.  I loved the bar – it was easier for me to control and I definitely noticed I was getting stronger.  Some of the instructors are a bit cheesy and need to get a little more natural in their delivery but the workouts were challenging and I learned a lot about form.  I also like the fact that their schedule wasn’t as intense as P90X.  Weights 3 days a week plus some cardio, yoga and stretching mixed in.  It was manageable with a busy schedule.

Stay with the fight!

Les Mills Combat – Cardio with Combat.  I love my strapping on my gloves – getting into some boxing, Tae Kwon Do, Thai fighting – so many styles.  I learned a lot and loved the Kata’s.  Again – a little cheesy here and there but a mix of weights and cardio (a bit heavier on the cardio side) but challenging.  But its all combat all the time.

Are you ready?

Insanity – I love Shaun T.  I do – but there is no modified example for Insanity and my joints can’t take his high impact lashing he gives you in each Insanity workout.  I would get through a workout and then feel like I was disabled for like 2 days.  Its tough.  Now remember I have Lupus.  My friend Val who is a little older than me totally rocked Insanity not missing 1 day.  She is a rock star if you ask me but doesn’t have the joint issues I do.  If you want an insane push yourself beyond your limits every workout intense cardio experience that will definitely lean you out and you are up for that kind of challenge – go for it!  In 60 days you will have great results.  If you are like me and need to modify occasionally – pick another program.

p90x package
What’s your favorite soup? lol

Now back to the program that started it all for me – P90X for me was very well-rounded.  It had cardio, it had weights, it pushed you.  I personally find Tony Horton to be funny (not everyone would agree with me here) but he motivates me.  I wasn’t bored and noticed results.  I also was able to build up to the routines and because you track what you do for each workout I could see I was improving in weights and reps.  The toughest thing about P90X is the time – if you are a busy working professional with a family finding an hour a day, 6 days a week can be challenging.  Oh did I mention Yoga X is 90 min – so one day its an hour and a half.  Is it worth it?  Yes – but you have to find the time.

What’s next for me? – I am going to finish out Les Mills Combat and move on to P90X2.  I will be starting a challenge group for those who want to join in – have an amazing summer getting fit and athletic and need support along the way.  If that’s you – post a message and connect with me on Facebook

What is your favorite Beachbody program and why?  I’d love to hear from you!


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