Ah Spring – Renewal – Get your butt off the couch and get fit!

Flowered TreesOk, I have to say for myself I have had a tough winter.  I have lost a very close friend to breast cancer, my son has had a number of surgeries and I have felt the effects of Lupus most of the season.  It’s been challenging to say the least.  But its spring, flowers are blooming, the weather is warming and I feel an urgency to get back to living well.  Since going vegan in December I have lost a little weight but feel that I am eating healthier than ever in my life.  I have learned so much through all the cookbooks, vegan guides and doctors research that I feel ready for a big challenge.

P90X With that said – I want to take some of you along for the ride.  After some considerable reflection I have decided that P90X was probably my favorite workout that I have done to date.  Don’t get me wrong… I have loved my journey through TurboFire, Les Mills Pump and Les Mills Combat but none of them seemed to be as well-rounded as

P90X.  P90x now has a second version P90X2 that takes your core, your athleticism and your strength to a whole new level.  As I am feeling ready for a big challenge I am going to host a P90X to a P90X2 challenge group.

Your Trainer Tony HortonStarting with P90X in May a group of us together will journey through the challenging program with Tony Horton as your trainer and me as your enthusiastic coach.  I have been cooking up a storm over the last year and I am going to share recipes from my favorite cookbooks along the way to keep you from getting bored with your food but keep you nutritionally ON TRACK!

Living with LupusFor those who may be saying P90X is too hard — I do it – I have Lupus and some days are really challenging for me.  P90X IS a challenging workout but Tony always has a modification for those who can’t jump or aren’t able to go full-out.  I will say my week 1 when I first did this program was laughable – (no really my husband

and kids laughed at me) – but I stuck with it and at the end I was so much stronger and you can be too!  Here’s a couple of videos to give you a sneak peek at the workouts!   P90X  or P90X2

lift you higherWhat is a challenge group you ask?  It’s a Facebook private group of people all doing the same program as you – struggling and succeeding just like you – but working towards similar goals.  We are all there to support each other.  With that said – As this is a challenging program – I am looking for people who are ready to make a positive change in their life – that can put in the time to improve their health – commit to the program AND to the group.  Expectations are that people post their workouts, share tips and recipes, and support each other through the process.  We are stronger together than we are on our own!  The best groups I have hosted had people who were in it till the end.  Made the commitment, shared sweaty photos, food and their story and made a difference in their health and the success of the group!  Here is a short video about the Beachbody Challenge.   What’s a Challenge group?

So what I am asking here?  This is a CALL TO ACTION!!!! Do you want to change your life?  How about your health?  Want to learn more or have questions please feel free to post or email me at anastasia@fit4abetterlife.com.  Like my Facebook page and post to me there!  I am so excited about it I can hardly wait for MAY!!!!

Trying to make a cadet smile can be a challenge.
Trying to make a cadet smile can be a challenge.

Now if that wasn’t enough – my son Taylor is coming home from Texas A&M for the summer.  He has had two surgeries through the winter and is done with rehab and is ready to kick it up a notch.  He’s a rising junior and is part of the Corps of Cadets.  With that said he’s always been fit and skinny but not big by any stretch.  He wants to do Body Beast!  For those that don’t know Body Beast is a Beachbody workout that will pack on MUSCLE!  He is also a coach and will be heavily involved in this group!  If Muscle is what you are looking for this program is for YOU!!!!  I have seen lean scrawny guys come out packing on the muscle – the supplements are different, the meal plans are different and its all about muscle! This group will kick of Mid MAY!!!

Beast up Peeps!

Are you ready to make a healthy change in your life?  Take a first step and contact me today!


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