Why your “Why” is so important!

Why is fitness and nutrition so important to me?  My WHY is what I think of when I feel like quitting.  Whether I am thinking of skipping my workout that day or quitting the program I am on – I think back to WHY I started.  For me my why is simple – Everyday I do some kind of exercise whether its walking, stretching or a workout program to prevent Lupus from taking control of my body making me immobile and either wheelchair or bed bound. I exercise to stay in control of my health for my family and for me!  My family is so central to why I do most anything.  My goal is to fight for good health everyday so Lupus doesn’t have an advantage.  It may not be totally scientific but I believe that being active and eating right has minimized many of my symptoms over the years.  I am about to start a new challenge group that is going to start P90X and continue on to P90X2 – Not too many people with Lupus can say that.  I am not only just lucky that I am able to do these programs – I work hard and keep at it and I think that attitude and strength also fuels me on and enables me to continue to challenge myself physically even though some days I have a hard time because of my illness.

You may be reading this and have Lupus – or maybe you found this post because you searched P90X – either way you have a WHY!  When times are tough and you feel like quitting – remember WHY you started and get back to it!

Love to MY WHY! <3
Love to MY WHY! ❤

I have one more WHY that I want to talk about in this post – It’s Why I am a Beachbody Coach.  I have seen friends and family members transform their health and reach fitness levels they didn’t think possible at their age!  I have helped people with Lupus and Cancer fight their illness and stay positive  and motivated even when things were tough.  I love changing people’s lives.  Is it a miracle cure – NO but it certainly can help!  I know that helping people has changed my life and I have seen how coming together – supporting one another as we learn to be healthy and fit has changed others lives.  It’s a wonderful feeling to see that happen.  I saw this picture online one day and I thought it really summed up how I feel about coaching.  BB Coach

So what is the moral of this story?  Take some time – think about Why leading a fit life is important to you and when you feel like quitting or skipping a workout – REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED!



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