Vegan and Focus T25

Well after much experimenting I have been happily Vegan since December 1.  I still occasionally eat fish but other than that have made a full transition.  My husband has pretty much joined me as well – the teens – not so much.

t25_ecard_header_02With that said – I am now starting week 5 of Focus T25 and am loving it.  So far I have lost 5 pounds total and a bunch of inches and my challenge group in total has lost 30+pounds.  I am so excited for everyone and we are all working hard this week to complete the Alpha Phase on a big loss.  Here is a video about the program Focus T25

I have been trying to stick to a 1200 calorie diet for this workout.  This is the first workout I have purchased from Beachbody that has Vegan options in the nutrition guide.  It does not however, give you a lot of menu options.  My husband was very excited about the meals they did offer as they are all 5 ingredients and take literally 15 min or less to throw them together.  This along with my dad who recently visited and has adopted a vegan lifestyle but isn’t up for the complex recipes I enjoy got me thinking… cookbook?  I am considering writing my first cookbook for those who are trying to eat healthy, have simple meals and stay vegan.  I will be doing some more thinking about this but I feel that so many of my customers could use this type of guide.

Focus T25 has been such a hit at Beachbody it sold out at one point!  I am continuing to start online support groups for customers interested in this program because of the demand.  Who wouldn’t like a highly effective 25 min workout?  It’s great for those who have extremely demanding schedules.  Shaun T even added a modifier for this series (which is a first) and because of my joint issues with Lupus – I have been following her and STILL getting an awesome workout.

If you would like to join us – I’d love to hear from you!

Have a healthy day!




  1. Hi,
    I started the t25 program and have started to loose weight but I’m starting to become weaker looking with a drooling face because I can’t follow the nutrition plan as I’m a vegan so can you suggest any pure vegetarian meal plans along with t25. Would really appreciate your help. I’m a 17yr old teen male 150 pounds and am 5ft 7inch tall


  2. Some books that really helped me find healthy foods were the thrive books by Brandon Brazier, Isa Chandra Moskowitz books specifically Isa does it, and Angela Liddons Oh she glows. I use my fitness pal and really experimented with working towards my calorie and macro goal to find what works for me. Now I primarily use the 21 day fix meal plan but I sometimes use a home made bean burger for a red. I hope that helps!


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