Run Disney 2014

So as I find sometimes I need a big goal (one that seems slightly unattainable at the time) I’ve decided to do a half marathon race this year.  Disney World has always been a magical and special place for me and their races actually look fun so I thought – what better to strive toward than a Run Disney Half Marathon.  Enter – the Wine and Dine Disney Half Marathon.  What race is better than one with wine at the end of it – with an all night party to boot!  Ok – so I may not be up for the all night party but I believe in 8 months I can run this race.  Convincing the family to join in – now that is another story all together.

As I have lupus – and am not a runner (yet) I plan to use Jeff Galloway’s Run Walk Run method.  I did my Magic Mile (gives you a baseline to get your interval ratio for walks/runs) and realized – I am SLOW!  My initial recommended pace is 45 seconds walking, 15 seconds running.  I’ve never ran a mile straight out and I know I am going to have some serious challenges along the way.  The great thing is the love and support I get from Kam and the boys and the fact that once I set my sights on something – I go for it will keep me going till Race Day.  This winter has really been bad also for me and getting out and running.  Today is March 3rd and we are on our 4th major snow storm of the year.  I am very sensitive to cold so I’ve shy’d away from running in this weather.  However, as we are in our 8 month countdown now – I just need to bundle up and get on out there!

I’m also doing P90X3.  I’m 60 days in and have already gained a bunch of muscle and my body has trimmed down quite a bit.  I think the P90X3 is going to really give me the extra strength I need to keep going.  It has Pilates, Yoga, Stretching, Cardio, Strength Training – basically – a VERY well rounded 30 min a day – 5 days a week program.  I love it.

My first long run was Sunday – 3 miles.  I completed 52 run walk intervals and my time was faster than my magic mile!  I averaged a pace of 15:42.  I was so proud of myself for sticking with it as around mile 2 I started to really start to wonder if I was up for the full 3 miles.  Later I realized as my final mile distance was 3.12 I ran a full 5K!  Ok some of you are probably laughing now as I didn’t realize that when I went out – but like I said – i’m new to running.  I thought a 5K was a big deal now I feel like – I could totally do that.

By the evening I had started to really be sore.  A couple hot baths and a pain pill later I got some z’s.  Today – I am walking around as my youngest said “like an old lady” – I can see that the foam roller is definitely going to have to become my best friend for awhile.  Going to recoup today and try and get back out there tomorrow for my short 30 min run/walk.

In the meantime – I NEED to upgrade my headset – i’m thinking a bluetooth wireless set AND I need a little pouch that isn’t too geeky to hold my phone – water and tissues.  Any suggestions on Running Gear?  Oh and I’ve started a pinterest board – this whole Run Disney costume thing is serious business!!!!


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