Catching my Breath and Running On!

I was ahead!  I was running my training schedule and doing P90X3.  What happened next just really derailed me – Allergy Season.  The pollen vortex (really that is what our news called it) kicked my ass.  Training schedule blown, P90X3 delayed ugh so frustrating.  I’ve gotten allergy shots for about 9 years now.  Last season I barely felt spring but this season was a different story.  Basically April through the very beginning of May I was miserable as was almost everyone else I knew.  I started Sudafed, daily zyrtec and an albuterol inhaler to try and improve my symptoms.

Benlysta week 1 through 3

Additionally in April I started a new treatment for Lupus called Benlysta.  It’s an IV treatment and I needed to have one a week for three weeks before moving to the regular monthly schedule.  At first I had a terrible Flush with the treatment the evening and day after.  This consisted of turning red, getting really hot and having a terrible migraine.  Unfortunately they didn’t get the dosage right until the third time where I was left with a bad headache only (big improvement though) that I could treat with Excedrin.

As May started my symptoms were improving and the Susan G. Komen 5k approached.  I made the last minute decision to give it a go and race!  My third infusion was the day before the 5k but I registered and ran!

Susan G. Komen 5 K 5/10/14
Susan G. Komen 5 K 5/10/14

My first running race and I was determined not to let allergies get the best of me.  I had been hydrating, medicating and doing what I could for training trying not to aggravate my lungs really bad in the process.  I told my husband Kam I was signing up and to my surprise my non running husband said he would join me.  We lost his mom to cancer a number of years back and a little over a year ago I lost a dear friend.  I wanted to do this race not just for the experience but to be part of something that was helping other survivors.  When we got to the race we couldn’t believe all the people.  Some had such inspiring written signs celebrating their years of life others had names of those they were remembering.  It was emotional to see all of the survivors and the families.  I took my place amongst those with timed chips towards the starting line leaving Kam behind with the walkers.  My goal was to finish in under 45 min and not only did I reach my goal but I had my first PR (personal record)!  My interval timer stopped talking to me for some reason along the way so I ran when I felt like I could run and walked when I needed to breathe.  When all was said and done I finished 44:01.41 and had a 14:12 pace per mile.  When I started running I was at a 16 pace per mile so for me this was a huge improvement.  I was waiting to take his

Go Kam!
Go Kam!

picture as he crossed but he surprised me when he came around the corner running!  I couldn’t wait to see Kam cross the line as this was his first race experience as well and even though he had not been running for a time – it was amazing to see him actually running across the finish line – huge smile on his face!

I felt great after the race.  We joined the other race participants, got snacks and enjoyed the festivities before heading home both feeling truly inspired by the day and the people.

Much to my dismay the race affected my breathing more than I had anticipated.  I got a sinus infection and soon after a slight lupus flare.  My joints were all sore, my collarbone swelled up again and worst of all the connective tissue in between my ribs was inflamed making it very difficult for me to breathe without pain.  Down for the count after such an accomplishment was quite the buzz kill.  About three quarters of the way through may I saw my allergist nurse who told me – if my tissue swelling in my ribs and collar bone didn’t go down in another week she said I should follow up with my Rheumatologist for a round of steroids.  I knew she was right and I had been putting it off but I really felt like if I continued to take it easy, get more sleep and stretch it will subside.  As I have already have Osteoporosis everytime I take another round of steroids I can worsen my bone density.  I decided to stick it out and finally my symptoms started to subside.  I started walking more and resumed indoor activities.  I was really hesitant to run outside so I joined a 60 day program at my gym to do my short runs inside.

I was a little bummed about my lack of progression and missed my long runs outside.  Finally this last weekend I had felt comfortable getting out for a long run again.  By my training schedule I should be around 6 to 7 miles for my long run.  I decided to try for 6 minimally and set out with Taylor Saturday morning.  Lesson learned – short run intervals do not work for long runs.  I knew I would struggle a bit as it was my first long run in awhile – what I failed to adjust however, was the run/walk interval I was using.  I tried a 30/30 pace when I should have probably stuck with more of a 40/20 pace.

run collage
Getting back to a long run outside!

I was able to get 6.25 miles in (Taylor would run past me and walk back as his strides and pace is much faster than me so he topped out at 7.5 miles.)  During my run I experienced a significant swelling in my fingertips mid-way.  Taylor being very concerned about me googled it and had me walk with my hands on my head for about 5 min or so until the swelling went down.  I’ll be checking my form and working on keeping my hands above my heart more as I go.  Overall I was pretty proud of myself – stretched and iced everything when I got back but still was extremely sore that evening.  I had a hard time that night and resorted to my pain medication to try and rest.  My right hip and ankle was in bad shape.  The next day I really took it easy but made myself get out for a walk with Kam and the pups.  That walk made all the difference helping me to loosen up and started to help my hip relax.  Today I started my day with P90X3 Isometrix which was a great stretch.  Feeling like myself and hoping to be more back on track again.

This is my last official week of my first round of P90X3.  I’m still 138 days away till the Wine and Dine Half Marathon.  I’ve had some setbacks but I feel like I could still make it!



    • Hi I am still out here. 🙂 P90X was my first program I loved it. Just listen to your body as you go – its very rigorous. If you have lupus you may need more rest days. Have fun with it! Any workout program is hard when you start it. It doesn’t get easier but you get better. 🙂


      • Oh good. Thanks for the thought. I will keep that in mind. Hadn’t seen an update for you so I wasn’t sure. How have you been feeling?


      • Meh. I haven’t started yet:/ was kind of waiting for the Lupus to level out which it has done. Not quite 100% but it’s as good as it’s going to get I suppose. That leveled out but then other problems arose. It’s a never ending battle it seems. I have gotten so little exercise in the past year I am very depleted. Unsure if STARTING with p90x is a good thing or not. I may do something lighter to start and go from there. Any beach body suggestions? Aren’t you a coach?


  1. Yes I am. What are your goals? How much time do you have? Are you active today? P90X is really intense and is an hour or more a day. I’d say if you love Tony Horton and are just starting out and not really active try P90. It was just refreshed and its a great way to build up to P90X. If you don’t have a lot of time P90X3 is great and there is a modifier. If you have a bit of weight to lose I would recommend Turbofire if you have the time (15 min to 55 min) if you don’t T25. Feel free to email me directly at as well and if you click on Get started (in the menu above) – it will help you sign up. There are a lot of videos and information on my beachbody site that can help you choose. Sorry your lupus hasn’t leveled out yet. It took me a while when I was first diagnosed to get my medication right. I will say though that you need to keep moving to help combat the pain – even if its walking. Also – I can’t say enough about yoga and body flow. I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions.


    • Awesome I will email you my current situation. Back when I was in good shape and no lupus I did p90x but that was a few years ago. Still have the videos. I will email you the rest though:)


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