gallery 2016 A year in review

Well – I had some health setbacks this year.  My thyroid went all wonky again early in the year bringing with it about 15 extra pounds.  It took months to feel normal from that swing once they upped my medication again.  After that I was having intermittent severe stomach pains.  After a ct scan, a visit with my regular doc, my lady doc and my rheumatologist all who didn’t have any solid reason I decided to go see my allergist.  I have had some food allergies for a while now.  I had read about food intolerance and was wondering if that could be the culprit.

After a lot of skin prick testing I tested positive for 22 food allergies of various levels.  Some of which were known but many were new.  As I already eat a pescatarian diet avoiding dairy when I can, this new list was going to be a big challenge.  After working through an elimination test I further concluded that Potatoes, Tomatoes and some forms of corn were the primary stomach pain culprits.  I was able to add some things back in and still have about 6 things to test.  As you can imagine – all of these doctors visits and testing took a great deal of time and I wasn’t feeling great most of this year.  However I did have some serious high points in 2015.

My youngest son graduated high school and headed to college and my oldest son graduated Texas A&M and headed off to another school.  Serious proud mom moments this year.

My beautiful Grandma turned 90 this year and I got to visit and see all my family.  Here she is and we are all decked out in Gatsby style to honor her birth year.


And on a fitness note – I did get a lot of workouts in – runs included.  Not as many as I had hoped or planned but Kam agreed to run some 10K’s with me this year – a giant step for him.  We ran the Ukrops 10K and the Captain America 10K in Disneyland!

Finally – Kam and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary together.  All in all not my most athletic year – but as far as family goes – an amazing one!

Kam Johnny Maggie and me.jpg


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