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Ok I have to admit I’m a complete planning geek.  I love planners, journals, sketch books – you name it I’ve bought it.  As I was starting to think about this next year I realized part of my problem was all these different books.  I had a book for tracking fitness, a separate book for running, my phone, my wall calendar and a desk calendar/planner.  Ugh no wonder I totally lost focus last year – I couldn’t keep up with it all.  I think I need to make big goals with smaller supporting ones to help keep me moving in the right direction.  Be more deliberate with my time and focus on what’s important.

As I have been thinking about 2016,  I’ve been posting about goal thoughts and sharing my work on my own personal planner.  When I started creating a planner for myself I looked at many others that were out there, asked friends what they used and were pointed to many great planners.  However, each one was great for one thing but lacking in another space.  For work appointments, doctors etc. I will still use my outlook calendar on my phone.  But for the rest of my life – my creative work in my sewing/design room, my exercise and meal planning and my goals – I wanted something to write on – something personal to journal in and hopefully something that will keep me focused and on track.

I knew there were several things I wanted to be deliberate about; Goals, Eating Healthy, Being Active and Being Creative.  So I powered up publisher and started drafting a mock up of how I want to track things.

For goals – I liked the idea of a mind map, brainstorming and then concrete SMART goals.  I also wanted a place track and celebrate accomplishments.  These pages turned out this way and are at the beginning of my planner.  They should be my compass all year.  I also created monthly and weekly goal pages for smaller supporting goals.

Each area on my mind map should prompt me to consider goals.  Looking back on my goals last year they were very narrow.  I’m hoping to expand my goals this year into many fulfilling areas.

I plan my meals leveraging information from my registered dietician, the 21 day fix, macros and all my amazing cookbooks.  With each workout program I attempt from Beachbody it comes with a recommendation on calorie intake dependent on your size, and a food plan.  All this information is something I’d like to pay closer attention to as my body is changing and I need to make sure my approach is working.  Each month I decided to track my measurements, take progress photos and capture food info.


I think your measurements and pictures are far more accurate than the scale when it comes to fitness goals. Don’t you?

Next I thought about what I want to track – monthly, weekly and daily.  I decided that a page per day was way more than I wanted to have.  I wanted to look a week at a time so I could stay focused on goals per week.  I can easily get lost in a day.

Monthly View: Starting with my goals every month will allow me to map out how my bigger goals filter into smaller goals and tasks.  I also have routine stuff I do each month, and like to track the RunDisney races.  One year I’d like to do them all!  A little seriousness and a little fun should help me take each month on.

Weekly View: Setting my goals weekly and looking at my last week should set me on a good path every week to stay focused.  I also want to be sure to celebrate my progress and check my goals.  On my weekly page you can see my 5 meals and spaces for activities during the day.  Personal development, Workout plans, planning crafting projects, blog posts or designing new garments can easily be planned for.  My weekly running distance and YTD distances are also tracked as I have goals to improve my Running this year.  A motivational quote or two for some positive vibes always helps keep a positive attitude.  I also added my water tracking – which I’ll talk about in a bit.

I had some Levenger products already and noticed that Staples had a similar line called Arc.  Both products work well together and it gave me a lot of options for additional sheets, fillers and discs.  I decided to create my own covers and sew my own elastic band to keep it all together.  I purchased the grid pages, doodle pages, lined color pages, pockets, tabs and clear covers all from Levenger.  The discs, list inserts that I’m going to use to track my spending and arc punch all from staples.  I printed it myself booklet style which worked out great to give me a smaller (purse compatible) size that I can take with me.

Here is what the front and back looks like.  They are two great views of the castle I printed, glued to card stock and laminated.

I’m excited to get to it now that I have it all put together.  I wanted to share as many of my friends have been asking about it.  I’d love to hear about what works for you so I can continue to improve!



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