gallery New Year Big Goals

I didn’t have the best year in health or in fitness.  I worked out when I could, but consistency was unfortunately not happening.  Not only was my health holding me back but I also failed to set a really great exciting big goal.  I know from previous experience that when I set a crazy goal it motivates the hell out of me.  Enter the anniversary year of the Dopey Challenge 2018.  A Run Disney Race consisting of a 5k Thursday, a 10k Friday, a half marathon Saturday, and a full marathon Sunday.  Crazy right?  Well I’m doing it and if I have anything to say about it – I’m taking my family along with me.  (mwhaahaahaa)

Ringing in the 2017 New Year at Disney – taken at Epcot dreaming of next year when I come for the WDW Marathon Weekend!

This last year have read many books and training sites on triathlon.  I’ve always been a big fan of the sport but now I really want to try it.  I’ve been shopping around for my first road / tri bike and i’m getting super excited about giving a sprint a try.  My triathlon goal this year is to race 2 sprints and maybe a standard distance.   Someday and Ironman?  Wait i’m getting way ahead of myself now.  The Women for Tri group is incredibly informative and inspirational and have been helping me get started.  Check it out if your interested!

All that said one thing I’ve learned is that having Lupus and trying to accomplish these crazy things is quite a balancing act.  I have to train hard enough to still progress and build strength and endurance but not so much that I cause a Lupus or Fibro flare.  I tried three programs this last year at various frequencies and levels.  Originally I was going to supplement my training with one of these programs (piyo, hammer and chisel or body beast).  After much research however, I have decided that I will follow a strength program specifically for triathletes that will focus my training and not reach beyond my immediate goals and of course keep integrating yoga into my routines as that seems to help overall.  I’ve read Strength training for triathletes, Be Iron Fit, The triathletes training bible and many other sites and books.

The Be Iron Fit Series by Don and Melanie Fink really seemed simple enough for a beginner but comprehensive enough that I felt like I was not going to have junk training sessions.  Therefore, I’ll be following their strength and tri training plan and the Run Disney Marathon (Jeff Galloway plan) for the first half of the year working up to the Dopey training plan (also Jeff Galloway) the second half of the year.

Sounds like a lot doesn’t it.  Well it does and it begins this weekend with a Magic Mile test.  Magic miles are tests to determine your one mile pace.  You run it as as well as you can pushing your pace slightly and based on your overall time you can determine a good Run/Walk interval to start with.  Given I had an extreme lung infection and inflamation flare early last year that stuck with me well into the fall i’m not hoping for a fast mile – I’m hoping to still be standing.  However, I know it gets easier, i’ve done a half before and starting out was painfully difficult.  I can see my goal, I’m excited for it and I know that when I’m done I’ll not only be better for it, I’ll be grateful for the experience.  I have a few local races also tagged to keep me moving and may participate in other Disney Races virtually as my pocketbook will not allow me to run them all this year.rundisneycalendar

As I did when I ran the Wine and Dine half marathon, I will again be raising money for the Lupus Foundation of America.  I have tried to engage with them a number of ways to get them to be one of the sponsored charities for the race but they haven’t done it yet for some reason.  I’ve also tried to get them to join the charity miles app but no such luck.  So I’ll be publishing my site on this blog and on my social media pages for those that want to support me and my charity along the way.  I have to wait to register to get my fundraising site up – so keep an eye out for it soon.

The Team RunDisney Facebook group is a big help – if you are ever interested in running in a Disney race they are an invaluable resource and a bunch of super suportive Disney freaks.  Which brings me to Costumes!!!! Yes the majority of the runners at Disney run in costumes.  Depending on who joins me – I have some different ideas there.  Nothing to share yet but the wheels are already turning.  If you’ve run the WDW Marathon weekend Dopey Challenge and have some advice I’d love to hear from you!

Here’s to new goals, a new year and hopefully good health.




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