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We had a couple of all-consuming trips planned in January.  We were in Disney for a long weekend over New Years which was amazing and definitely got me excited for the Dopey Challenge next year.  We left as all the runners were arriving and you could feel the excitement with all of the signs, postings everywhere and those that were clearly there for race weekend.

We also were in Austin celebrating Kam’s dads 80th birthday. Every time we are around dr-j-80th-birthdayfamily and see those that are elderly it fuels me to be more active and to eat well.  I want to enjoy my later years as healthy as someone with Lupus can be at that age but hopefully still active.  Before our second trip I started to have Lupus flare problems.  I got a lot of rest even on the trip and was able to keep my illness at bay.  I took the first week back to make sure I was well rested and recovered and was finally able to get to my Magic Mile on the 21st.
I wasn’t hoping for Magic, I was just hoping to make it the whole mile.  The boys came along with me to make sure I didn’t totally collapse.  I used my inhaler on the get go – walked around the track once to warm up and I was off.  I have to say the day was not my ideal run weather.  It was cold, wet and cloudy but I was very determined to finally get started.  It felt so good to move, to be active and to know I started my journey towards WDW Marathon weekend.  I ran as much as I could and was totally SHOCKED to have a 14:42 run time! That is amazing for me as I hadn’t run much over the last year.  When I looked at the Galloway site to see my corresponding interval it was showed a 15 second run 30 second walk.  I had never tried that pace and it seemed like it would be a lot of go and slow.


My first time out I forgot my inhaler so I took it a bit easy.  One thing I noticed my heart rate was pretty elevated on my runs but I kept going the full 30 min training run to finish 1.91 miles.  I remembered reading in Be Iron Fit for Women and a book that I really loved called finding ultra that I needed to be running in hr zone 2 to improve my pace and endurance.  I definitely wasn’t in that pace.

Second time out the interval definitely felt better I had used my inhaler on the onset and set a new record of 14:22 mile!  I also started new vitamins as my endocrinologist is trying to fix my thyroid levels after letting me know she didn’t think I was absorbing the medication.  I was also incredibly low in my iron levels and needed to start taking selenium.  My dietician gave me a great multivitamin that doesn’t have anything I’m allergic to and can tolerate.  Hoping for a boost!  I also need to start phasing out gluten because of these absorption issues.  As I already don’t eat meat and most dairy, plus am allergic to carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, pecans, walnuts, bean sprouts and watermelon it’s definitely going to be a challenge.  I still eat fish but honestly have been a little burnt out on it lately and have been craving more vegan meals.

img_5708On the 27th I was feeling pretty good I thought I’d get in a strength workout.  I tried one of Don and Melanie Finks Ironfit strength workouts.  I didn’t love the band exercises as I prefer free weights.  Overall I liked the program, going to try a few more of their programs.   I also borrowed another strength training for triathletes book from the library.  Time will tell which I like better.  One note – bosu balls are very central to these programs.

Third time out was my long run for the week. The goal was 4 miles.  Around mile 3 that voice in my head started to get pretty ugly.  The night before I was in full-out hives and had a lot of Benadryl.  Overall it was a slow run but I was happy to get in the miles.  I finished my 4 miles in 1:01 at a 15:11 pace.

Over the weekend I figured out how to adjust my heart rate zones on my Garmin 920xt and set an alert when I go outside zone 2 when I run.  I knew I would be slower but in the long run it should pay off.  I took the puppies along with me since I knew i’d be slow and they needed a good walk after several cold rainy days.  Maggie, my chiweenie, has had bilateral luxating patella surgery on her hind legs over a couple of years ago.  She’s fully recovered and runs around all the time but I’d never taken her for a real run.  She was leading the whole time sprinting happily ahead.  I ended up dropping her off about 16 min in because I didn’t want to push it her first time out.  I have a jogging stroller for her from the time of her surgery but she was pooped.  Johnny, my italian greyhound is much more of a sprinter than a long distance runner. As I only had another 14 min left I brought him along to finish up with me.  He was wiped when we got back.  I was able to stay mostly in HR zone 2 and felt great.  I can definitely see this is where I need to train.

Still no takers from the family on joining me for Dopey.  Still hoping..  January was a great start!  Here is my month at a glance training plan for January in my Fitness Bullet Journal.




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