I’m Registered for Dopey!

Happy Valentines Day!  Today I was totally stressing about Dopey selling out before I got to register for it.  In walks my Knight in Shining Armor and says – register Dopey for you and Taylor (my oldest and long distance running partner) and I’ll do the 5k and 10k with you guys.  Adding on a happy Valentines day he casually walks out as I run to get our credit card and then race around the house with my arms in the air!  Visions of costumes running through my head and total joy in my heart!  Now If I could only convince Ethan (my youngest) to run at least the 5k and 10k!


It’s pretty crazy to be this excited and freaked out all at the same time.  I have my training plan and while I’ve been sick this last week and a half I know that’s the way it goes sometimes.  You just pick up where you left off and get back at it.  Hopefully I don’t start having balloon lady nightmares like I did for the Wine and Dine Half!

Hoping to run on Thursday!  My breathing is almost back to normal.



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