gallery February Training, Setbacks and a Little Anxiety!

My first run of the month was good in general – minus the racing heart rate.  My thyroid is all messed up again and I can feel it.  Heart racing, hot flashes, no sleep – ugh.  Therefore I decided to give my body a break and walk for my first “run” of the month.  What’s crazy is how high my heart rate was walking.  Definitely going to share this with my endocrinologist.


Prior to run two – Enter Ethan’s killer virus.  First he has a reaction to an antibiotic – which was obviously systemic given the head to toe rash – but then because it basically destroyed his immune system he got a wicked virus.  Of course with that kind of plague in the house – and my lovely reduced immune system I got it too.  I took so many precautions to try and not get it – I was not happy when it finally hit.  It started with a fever of 101.5, major chills, chattering, muscle and joint pain and fatigue and then went into my lungs.  When someone with lupus gets a respiratory infection it can easily become pleurisy, or the muscles and joints around my ribs become inflamed (washboard like because of the swelling) making breathing a real painful process and very difficult.  I got the latter having a real issue breathing, dealing with pain and soreness and serious difficulty resting making it harder to overcome.  I missed 7 runs due to this illness and my next 3 were not great.  Armed with my inhaler, and a lot of tissues I kept a slow pace to get in my miles and to start moving again.  It was like starting all over.  Ethan thankfully recovered much faster than I did but he lost some weight and was impacted by the whole ordeal.  – Used lots of lysol in the house during February.

My first run back was during beautiful weather.  I just felt good to be outside I think.  I had to walk a lot but it was great moving again!  I was able to stay in zone 2 for 58% of my run but my hr was still pretty elevated from being sick and I think from my thyroid.  Later that day I was wiped.  Had to take a nap before dinner.2-18-17.JPG

My next run my HR was almost in zone 2 before I even started running.  I had to walk a lot and didn’t even get to 50% in zone 2.  I was really starting to question this hr training. I went back and looked at the Be Iron Fit book again and their program goes on in zone 2 for at least the first 10 weeks.  I hadn’t come close to that yet and I decided that hopefully as I recover more from this illness, and my thyroid readjusts – hopefully I’ll be good to go.


On Thursday the 23rd I took the dogs for a good 30 min walk, make sure I had a good lunch and was hydrated and went out for a short run.  I felt like maybe I was starting to turn a corner here.  58% in zone 2, 36% in zone 3.2-23-17.JPG

Fast forward to the last day in February, its a beautiful 70 degrees I feel pretty good and decide to finally get a long run – my only one of the whole month.  Taylor was home and just had gotten his Garmin 920xt and Hokas and wanted to give them a good workout so he came along with me.  While I was super slow – trying to stay in my hr zone (2) he would run ahead and walk back to me.  I was able to get in 6.2 miles (compared to his over 7 miles) but I finally felt like maybe I was back on track.  65% in zone 2!2-28-17.JPG

During the month I also found out my thyroid levels were way off again.  I knew this was true because my heart had been racing for weeks, sleep was gone and I was moody and teary all the time.  My Endo switched my dosage up mid month – hoping it levels out sometime in March.

February while tough wasn’t a total loss, we registered for Dopey and got 5 runs in totaling 14.5 miles.  Hoping spring allergies don’t deter me in March!

March goal – get more stars in my bullet journal!


Happy running!




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