gallery March Training and Improvements

March, what a different story than February.  The month started out cold but I was determined to improve over last month.  Taylor was in between contracts and so of course – it was better already just from that.  The first week of March I finished all my scheduled runs.  Zone 2 is definitely starting to feel more comfortable even if the weather isn’t.    The sun was out though and I could feel the hope of spring. 


The second week I was dreading the weekend.  We were supposed to get a snow storm.  I watched the weather all week, ran Tuesday, Friday and got 9 miles in on Saturday.   Luckily the storm missed us all together.  Felt great to get to that distance again.  Still building and working in zone 2 is a bit of a challenge.  I want to keep running at times during my interval training.  Go faster – but I’m sticking with my plan of building a good base and training in zone 2.

Week kicked off with some freezing temperatures and high winds.  I chose to stay warm and inside at the beginning of the week but got back out there Thursday and Saturday.   Saturday marked the first time I stayed in zone 2 and was able to get in all my intervals.  Really makes a difference to have Taylor join me.  He’s headed to Maryland for a contract with Zenimax.  Totally proud of him and I know we’ll stay on each other virtually to get our training in.

Another mentionable note – I finished the book You Are an Ironman!  Wow – great for listening too on my runs.  Some of the stories in this book are very inspirational.

I would love to hear my name announced with you are an ironman.  I think about it quite a bit.  It seems almost unattainable.  Maybe someday.

For now – I’ll let all the stories of all those that came before me inspire me to overcome my challenges and work toward my immediate goal of 48.6 miles – which equally almost feels unattainable.

Fourth week of March I was feeling a good stride.  Like I had planned worked in my two 30 min runs and an 11 miles run on Saturday.  I haven’t ran this far since training for the Wine and Dine half a couple years ago.  I also realized that I was behind on my b12 shots and was dragging a bit. I also had my IV treatment this week which was a good help overall.


Saturday’s run was crazy in that it was 80 degrees.  Wasn’t I just talking about a snow storm last week?  Insaneballs.  Poor Taylor had a great run and a PR but he face planted at one point when his knee gave out.  I know I’m his mom more than I probably should for my 24 year old but I do get concerned that he pushes to fast to early.

Final week of March I got one last good run in before helping Taylor to move.  This month was a great month.  Other than adding in cross training I couldn’t hope for something better.

Monthly totals 39.43!  64.52 miles this year!

Happy Running!


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