gallery April Training and the woes of cross training

As I continue to climb the miles I realize I would greatly benefit from cross training.  Time isn’t the issue – its that fine line of overworking my body to where a flare is eminent.  I thought I would start with Piyo.  Piyo is a low impact workout that leverages your body weight to build strength.  It’s also what I consider a very active yoga type of workout.  You will do yoga poses but instead of holding the position – you may move or pulse in and out of it.  Chalene Johnson is an awesome fitness instructor and can lift your spirits while motivating you along the way.   The first Saturday of this month was the Ukrops 10k.  I had planned to run it originally but driving Taylor to Maryland helping with his move really took a lot of my energy.  I did manage a 3 mile run though keeping to my planned schedule.

The first full week of the month I added in three piyo workouts.  Every one went great and I even started adding in sprints in my short runs.  I need to get faster so there isn’t such a delta between my pace and Taylor’s.  Given he’s more than 20 years younger than me and in much better shape I realize there will most likely always be some kind of delta there – but I know I have a lot of room for improvement.



My second run this week wasn’t solo.  My friend and neighbor Nicole joined me for what I called my turtle run compared to her.  She is an experienced triathlete with a much faster pace than I had.  Actually I never thought she’d want to run with me because I was sure she probably wouldn’t even break a sweat but it was fabulous having her along.  The conversation flowed and make it seem like no time at all.  Nicole’s training is something I think of as #goals.  She’s camera shy. 🙂

My 13.1 mile run on Saturday was tough.  My breathing was bad, pollen was very high and I was forced to walk a good part of my run.  However, I finished it and that my friends was my first half since the 2014 Wine and Dine.  Whoop!

Third week of the month and I missed one run and only managed a magic mile over the weekend.  I have extreme allergies and spring is the worst.  Tree pollen kills me every year even though I’ve gotten shots for 12 years now.  It’s better than it was but still, I have breathing issues this time of year no matter what.  I was enjoying all the blooms around me but the running suffered.

My Magic Mile on the 16th wasn’t great.  I felt a little dehydrated as I got going.  While I shaved off 17 seconds from my last magic mile I just felt like it should have been better.  Lots of work to do still.

In my head I am very fast. Lol

The fourth week of April was also the Dark side race in WDW.  One day I want to do this race.  The costumes are amazing, the runners are huge Star Wars fans and Disney really goes all out for them.  While I was distracted with all the race photos and hype – I still got in one short run and a 15 mile run on Saturday.  It wasn’t pretty, my leg went out around mile 12 and by 15 I was limping but I made it and set some PR’s in the process.  Feeling like a bad ass I went to dinner with friends and tried to walk like a normal person that didn’t overextend themselves over the weekend.  The wine helped – lets just say that.  I was very proud of myself for making that distance but also really having a moment of reality.  It was hard, I was dying at the end – and btw I’m not where near 26.2.  The last week was a total wash.  I think to be honest – my body was revolting after I pushed it. I also learned that I really need to use body glide around my HR monitor and after reading a neat trick from DC Rainmaker – put a bandaid on the bottom of it.  I had quite a cut on my torso from that strap and it killed me all week.  I also had my IV treatment this week and found out that my iron is still way below the scale even though I’ve been taking a supplement for two months.  My thyroid is still off – lowered again – and I may not be absorbing the iron.

Even though Piyo didn’t last through the month I feel like I learned some good lessons, know I need to add in other training and still set some awesome goals.  A few new personal records to add to my list, more medication changes and some inspiration from my fellow Disney Runners and I’m hoping for a great may.

40.02 Miles for the month!  104.54 for the year!

Many more miles to go!  Happy Running!


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