gallery May and June – Feeling bad and struggling

I’m writing this recap as the month of June closes.  While the weather has been great I haven’t.  After lowering my thyroid medicine 3 times now, I’m all out of sorts.  I haven’t had a lot of energy and it shows in the lack of run posts, and journal entries.  May started off pretty well.

The first week of May my breathing was still off and I was stressing about the upcoming 17 miles the next week even before I got there.  So much so that I got my weeks wrong and thought I was supposed to do 17 on the 6th – ended up with 7 and then realized when I updated my bullet journal that I was only supposed to do 7.


The second week of May I decided to try some Chalene Extreme.  A weight lifting program that has compounded exercises so you are always working multiple muscle groups.  I had never tried that program before and really liked it.  I’m much more accustomed to lifting  at a normal or sometimes seemingly fast movement but Chalene really slows you down and boy can it burn.  (In a good way of course). It didn’t overwork me like Body Beast can but still gave me a good workout.  For my planned 17 mile run I got to 11.25 and called it quits.  My body just wasn’t cooperating – the start of a definite setback.

The third week of May was a lead up to Grandma’s memorial in Michigan.  We have a quick trip because Taylor and Kam really have to get back to work.  Drive there Friday, attend Grandma’s service Saturday and then drive home Sunday.  My grandma passed in November but didn’t want her death associated with the holidays.  She loved the holidays and my aunts and uncles decided to host a memorial around her May birthday.  I decided to try and run a little as a warm up before strength exercises.  I ran Monday for 1 mile completed CE, Tuesday ran 1.5 miles and Thursday ran another 1.1 miles.  I had a lot of things to get done this week but was happy to get some activity in.  Fast forward to post trip and I’m wiped again.  Really exhausted, sore, struggling with joint and muscle pain.  22 hours of driving took its toll.  I finished May with 25.45 Miles which brought my yearly total to 129.99 miles – just a squeak under 130 – ugh.

June was almost a complete wash.  I ran on June 6th and then again today on June 25th.  Not a lot of running but a lot of wishing of I was running.  Thyroid levels still off – dose lowered again!  Told her how tired I’ve been and how I feel like I’m still way off.  Unfortnately she forgot to check my iron.  That coul be part of it..  My two runs were both not bad but I feel like I can do so much better.  Next week starts the official Dopey training schedule.  I’m freaking out.  Excited but scared and looking forward to getting back to training.  So far through June 25th I’ve. Ran a total of 133.39 miles.  Less than was originally planned but a starting point for the next half of the year.

I’m going to start blogging a little differently now that I’m entering the Dopey training calendar next week.  Hoping it will help keep me accountable.  Deep breath – the next 6 months are going to be intense!

Happy Running!



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