gallery July – Getting on track for Dopey

July in Virginia was HOT! HUMID! and not great for running outside.  I started the month outside but by my third run of the month and I had kicked myself into a lupus flare.


That day I was really struggling to breathe on my run.  It was super humid and by that evening on the 7th I was already feeling more joint pain than usual – I even backed out of my neighbors party.  The weekend was a total bust.  I slept a good majority while keeping up with pain medication to try and get more comfortable.  It was a wake up call because I had always thought I love the heat.  Humidity is a completely different beast though when it comes to outdoor exercise.  If you can’t breathe – you probably shouldn’t run.img_0351img_0345


Luckily I recovered after about 5 days and headed indoors for an easy low run on the 12th.  Ethan tagged along with me to make sure I didnt die. lol  Seriously – I was feeling a bit better.img_0359



By the end of the week I was doing much better and ran Saturday and Sunday.

Monday the 17th I was really surpised that we are already in week 4 of our dopey schedule!  I started the week with weights and rowing, then Tuesday I ran 3 miles, Thursday Ran for 3 miles and Friday did another day of weights.  I was feeling great about the cross training and was leveraging Chalene Extreme’s burn circuits for my strength workouts.  Sunday I finished out the week with a 6 mile run and honestly it felt like I could have gone longer.  I realized during that long run that musicals work well for my brain on long treadmill runs.  Pitch perfect entertained me that day and the music and humor really kept me moving.


On the 24th I had my Benlysta Infusion and talked more with my doc about my iron deficiency.  He scheduled some new tests and said I may be bleeding within my gut somewhere (sounds wonderful right).  I should find out the results the beginning of August.  Having really low iron makes me noticibly more tired.  But I’ve been fighting through it and taking naps when I need to, getting plenty of rest.  The rest of the week went great.  3 miles on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  Also had a visit with my allergist who moved my shots out to once a month (thank the lord) and discussed a preventative inhaler with me for next spring.

The final day of the month (today) I got up later than I wanted, missed the cycle class I had planned and had technical difficulties with my exercise room xbox which was causing me more delay’s.  I decided to just focus a few exercizes on my legs and back and get on with it already.  I seem to always stay up too late Sunday’s getting my brain, journal etc ready for the week ahead.

July was a great month, 37.38 miles for me with the beginning of the Dopey Training Schedule under my belt now.  176.6 miles for the year.  I got to say i’m starting to get very nervous for these races.  I signed up today for the VA Beach Rock and Roll on Labor Day Weekend – I need a good qualifying time and that race was right before the deadline.  Dopey is only 5 months away!!!

Happy Running!



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