gallery Getting it done in August

While July was great August was better.

It started out with a run and a weekend get away. I missed my long run the weekend we were visiting Taylor in Maryland but had a great time with the family.

Maryland is so much more hilly. We brought Taylor some goodies from home helped him get his TV set up and spent the weekend hanging out together. Here’s a few pics from our trip. The animals all got a long, and we toured around Cockeysville, MD had some great food and fun.

img_0683When I got back home I knew i had to make up for some lost time and got back at it Monday. My intentions were to add to the week but ended up with my three planned runs only. I had been running inside at the gym but not loving the 30 minute time limit nor sometimes the company on adjacent treadmills. After months and months of research, testing many models and talking with lots of shops, even visiting a D.C. one I settled on a new treadmill for home. I am so so so excited to have the convenience of a home machine and one that was had good cushion / impact management and that didn’t have a time limit. I decided to name her Diana after Wonder Woman.

On Monday the 14th I got another new synthroid dose. It’s been over two years since my thyroid was normal. As I start this dose I’m plagued with a swollen collar-bone which is usually a precursor to a lupus flare or a fibro flare. Stretching through the day I was hoping it would pass. I had a big week of running planned – ending with a half marathon at the end of the week. Tuesday I ran 3 miles, Thursday I ran 6.2 miles with a whole mile without walking!  I had this as a goal this year and was so surprised I actually did it! Saturday 13.1 finally breaking through the 200 mile mark for the year. My half was on the treadmill as it’s still pretty hot but the Rock n Roll Virginia Beach is literally two weeks away. Doing all three runs this week also gave me confidence for Dopey. I still have to tackle the full but I’m getting there! As for my half training run – my nutrition was all wrong. I got really nauseous around mile 8. It wasn’t a great experience. After doing lots of additional research I concluded that I need more water and that I likely ate too much protein during my run. I also decided that Imodium would be part of my pre race plan.


The next week I had my normal Tuesday and Thursday run but missed my Saturday run. Lots going on and we were also getting ready to have some family company. Running at home has been great and I learned that I need some new shows to watch – browsing I came across homeland. I was so into episode one I literally sat on the floor after stretching and watched the end. It was a really engaging show!  IV Treatment on the 23rd slowed me down a little but I was able to get 3 miles Thursday


Greek Salad

I also have been trying the Rich Roll Meal Planner – I tried the Greek salad this week and really enjoyed  how the tofu feta turned out!  If you haven’t tried it – its worth a look.  I have his and his wife Julie Platt’s cookbooks and they are full of healthy options for athletes and families – Plant powered way is on my counter’s recipe stand as I speak.  I may  not keep the meal planning service because of my allergies there are limits to what is available – but what I have eaten so far was great.  *Tip – I added the meal planning to my cart but waited a day or so to think it over and they sent me a coupon to try it for a month for a very low price.  Give it a try!


I ended the month thinking about the Rock n Roll with one last run under my belt. Rock and Roll – I’m ready for you!


My Bullet Journal for the month.


Happy Running!


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