gallery Rock n Roll Virginia Beach Race Report

After a mad dash to the expo after hitting a lot of traffic we got there with 30 min to spare. Lots of stuff discounted as they were getting ready to shut things down. Immediately after getting out of the car I was like – uh oh – its much more humid here than 2 hours away in Richmond. After getting to our hotel we took stock made a good plan for breakfast and went to get dinner at Mannino’s. After eating a heck of a lot of carbs and dessert (we are going to burn a lot of calories tomorrow) and Irish Coffee for Taylor we laid out our stuff for the race and headed to an early bed.

Race morning was a calamity of errors. We were ready but when Taylor went to get the bananas and spoons he came back with bananas. Oatmeal was not going to be in the cards. We were also late enough that we didn’t get any coffee. On to the start line we went – getting there just as the national anthem kicked off and then joining our corral moving to the start line.


Getting going was great we were ahead of the 3 hour pacers (who were some of the fastest walkers I’ve encountered). As the morning went on and the day started to warm the humidity started to thicken. My breathing was definitely impaired and I started to slow. Ugh I was so mad when I lost sight of the pacers. I know this all stems from a really severe respiratory infection I had a bit over a year ago and it flares up when its hot and humid. I had better fuel for along the run but knew I’d get hungry – around mile 8 I was super hungry. There were two good hills on this race and everyone I saw but the elite runners on the returning side were walking it. Early in the race we entered some great shady areas the roads were lined with huge trees and provided great cover. Finally some relief! Unfortunately this was pretty much the only fully shaded areas not he run. The rest of the race was very sunny.

The race itself seemed well-organized but I’ve got to say, I expected more music. I think we saw 5 bands which isn’t much over 13.1 miles. When we have run the Monument avenue 10k there were two to three times the bands. I thought with Rock n Roll being the theme it would be more like that. Taylor was great company and ran with me the whole way. I am a faster walker than he is but he is a faster runner. We have to kinda work to meet in the middle. I need to get faster at my run but he needs to get faster on the walk.

Things I have taken away from this race, I need a bigger breakfast, maybe more solid food for the full, heat is still an issue for me and I have some more strength training in my future.


Still improving – another half under out belts!  Here’s to the Start of September!

Happy Running!



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