gallery Countdown to Dopey – December Training

November training was so disheartening – I was hoping for so much more in December.  January was coming so fast, I had costumes to make, Christmas to manage and I needed to get my energy back.  Two iron infusions and I was starting to feel like myself again.  On Dec 4th I started running again with a 5k.

I new that the training plan called for a mock dopey of sorts which I really wanted to do not only so I’d know I could do it but so I could figure out my aches and pains, nutrition, and recovery.  I had my plan – If I could work back up to and do the mock dopey I’d be fine.  10k on the 6th…

I wasn’t even looking at my times – just trying to build back my lost endurance.  I was feeling better with each run.   A lot of media about the races was being released.  I got to admit I was freaking out a bit.  Excited, nervous, overwhelmed – it was all so much.  I had decided to do this race over our New Years Disney visit 2016.  It had been a year of training.  Was I ready?

Here are the race maps!

5k Map
10K Map
Half Marathon Map
Full Marathon Map

Sunday I was able to eek out 10 miles!  Next week I was to get my iron checked again and then the Dopey simulation.  I was happy to be mostly in zone 2 for this run.  Maybe all my training was still there – just waiting for the iron to kick in.

So the simulation begins – a 3.1 mile run/walk.  Felt good – still rocking zone 2.  Tomorrow has me walking 5 miles. walking 12 miles sat and a 26 mile run/walk sunday.  I’ve only gone 17 miles so that is going to be a stretch.  If I get over 20 i’ll feel great.

Some kind person posted the possible sweep points on the marathon. – not helping my nervousness but good to have so I know.hard sweep points on the marathon

So the idea of walking 5 miles on a treadmill was meh at best.  Im a slow walker so instead I changed my run/walk interval to 30/90 so I still ran a little bit.  Maggie came by several times to check out my treadmill so I did a little treadmill trainin with her and johnny after I was done.  I had my Benlysta IV treatment today and am feeling pretty good – tired after my treatment but better than November!


The sun was out – it was cold but it may be cold on race weekend.  12 miles using 30/90 intervals as my training plan called for a walk.  As that would have taken me what seemed like forever, I ran a little.  I know I need to save my legs for tomorrow’s full.  I got a little queasy towards the end – but I now know I need to add in there for my nutrition.  My new hoka’s came in – hoping to start breaking those in.  12 miles – Feeling more and more confident again!

26.2 miles – I got a late start and knew it would be dark long before I finished.  I decided to do the full on my treadmill.  I figured, If I had a medical issue, i’d be home and as this was the longest run i’d ever attempted it seemed to make me feel more at ease and ready to face the challenge.  I had teed up a couple movies and also some runners home made go pro video’s of their WDW marathon.  Last night my collarbone area started to swell.  This happens often prior to a flare.  I was stressed about the run but was determined to get it done.  We had a Christmas party the night before – I stuck to water and went to bed right after.  We had brunch with some friends that morning – I figured i’m going to need to eat anyways.  I stared with a 5 mile walk and then jogged / walked in 30/60 intervals.  At mile 17 I shouted to Kam – I’m at 17, then 18, then 19!  I was so excited to have passed that barrier!  I was undertime and feeling pretty good until mile 20.  By mile 22 I needed to stop.  My body was seized up like I was having a full on fibro flare.  I tried stretching but nothing was helping.  Frusterated I burst into tears.  Kam was right there telling me I had gone further than any of my runs and I should be proud.  He does happen to think running isn’t good for you – so encouraged me to quit.  I took a breath and said I want to finish.  I knew I needed to do it.  My family, had been texting me also along the way cheering me on.  I knew I had a lot of support behind me.  I took half a pain pill and started walking.  Taylor and Cindy (my stepmom) were really great with their messages through the final 4.2 slow walk.  I finished in a lot of pain, but I finished.  I knew what was in store for me on race day and that I could do it.  My final thought was – holy hell- tomorrow is going to be a bitch.


The next day wasn’t as bad as I thought.  I was sore but kept moving.  That is the key – MOVE!!!!  I ran an easy 3 miles on the 28th but spent the rest of December making costumes, and spending time with the family.  I felt ready and was so excited.

During my costume making (If I ever do Dopey again I will start costumes in June) we had some wicked weather and lost power.  Needless to say – I had several half made costumes.  Well – I figure – they will get finished after and used at a future race.  Lesson learned.

December miles – 68.6 – Year total 383.70

Dopey Here I come!



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