My P90X Story

In December 2011 my husband, sons and I all went to Hawaii for a great family vacation.  My oldest son was heading off to college after this school year so we wanted to have a great family get away.  While I was there, I was feeling a bit overweight and was wearing loose clothing.  One lady actually mistook me for a pregnant woman!  Well that was the last straw.  I was about 20 pounds overweight and my metabolism had really started to slow down.

I have had Lupus since 2001 and there have been many times where my illness had made it very difficult for me to lead an active lifestyle and thankfully I have learned many ways to manage the pain associated with the disease.  I was doing pretty good around this time and was feeling up to a new fitness challenge to try and get my body back to a better condition.  I had done weight watchers in the past as well and did some basic cardio on the elliptical at the gym but never anything as aggressive as P90X.  My teens really wanted to do the program and were trying like mad the whole vacation to convince me to get it and we could all do it together.  My husband was very skeptical and was not on board with getting up early to do it.  After many family discussions over that vacation I agreed and placed our order before we left so it would be waiting for us when we got home.

Week 1

Week 1 was crazy.  My husband didn’t start week 1 but he watched us.  He watched the boys do very well but I was definitely struggling.  I was determined to give it a real go however, and stuck with it.  My the end of week 1 I had barely made it through plyo, some of the push ups and pull ups they ask you to do were utterly impossible for me and it was looking like maybe I over estimated my abilities.  I went out on the message boards to try to find some support and talked with my coach and found that I had a very normal week 1!  Most people can’t out of the gate do everything well and if I stuck with it, modified when I needed to I would continue to improve.  I decided to do just that and happily my man joined in on our fun.  Tony shows you in each video what the modified versions are of what he is doing and says throughout – Do your best and forget the rest!  Well I did and along the way I would try the harder way if I could and then switch to the modified version when I got tired.    We finished our 90 days and saw huge improvements in our body shape and strength.

Final Week

I did lose a little weight but more importantly I gained muscle where I didn’t have it.  My body fat % was down and you could see it in how my clothes were fitting and how I looked.  I felt great and had a ton of energy.  Looking back I could have followed the meal plan better and now after trying other programs and learning more about nutrition I know I could have had even more drastic results if I had.  Getting that ripped look is 80% nutrition 20% exercise.

Here are some of my stats:


Week 1

Final Week

Chest   and Back push ups



Chest   and Back pull ups



Shoulders   and Arms

Weight’s 3 pounds

Weight’s 10 – 15 pounds

Legs   and Back
Chest   Shoulders and Triceps push ups



Back   and Biceps pull ups



And of course my before and after shots (oh and I realize the socks make the look):

  Week 1                                              90 Days

Since P90X® I tried Insanity but started having some Lupus issues part of the way in.  I was really bummed because I LOVE Shaun T.  Insanity® is amazing but my body was not up to that challenge at that time.  Turbofire® was my next program and I was mixing it in with P90X®.  Unfortunately I got a little sicker and busier especially around the time my son moved off to college.  I have been working really hard to get my illness under control again and have added Tai Chang into my routine to help keep my body moving on tough days and I am starting a new full-out cycle of TurboFire® on May 7th!  I am excited to have the focus on that program and have another program like Tai Chang® to help me keep balanced and allow my body to relax and unwind after the challenging workouts of TurboFire®.  I have taken a much harder look at the kinds of food I eat all day and am determined to eat healthier this go around.  I have Shakeology® every breakfast now and that alone has changed how I feel every day.

I feel so strongly that having these programs in my house has made it easy for me to keep at it and the support I get through the Beachbody® system keeps me on track and motivated.  I have even started motivating others to get fit as a Beachbody® coach.  Everyone has challenges in their daily lives whether it’s finding 10 minutes to yourself or trying to overcome a major illness.  I understand these challenges and can help motivate you to success.  I hope my story motivated you to take your fitness and health into your hands and get fit!

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