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Join us and you will be introduced to a great group of diverse people all with one goal – to be fit and healthy!

Make me your Beachbody Coach! – FREE As your Beachbody coach I can guide you to the right programs, help you stay motivated and give you advice as you progress through your program.  You get a free profile, access to the online SuperGym where you can win cash or prizes just for logging your workouts every day and access to the Beachbody message boards and chatrooms!  You will also be added to our Facebook Team community where you can network and get support from our whole team.

Our team is made up of people doing different Beachbody programs.  Each of us are working at incorporating fitness and nutrition into our daily routines, learning, getting support and motivation from each other.  This kind of support is so beneficial when you are just starting out, needing help or motivation to stay on track.  We all want to be successful and live healthy lifestyles; together we increase your chances to achieve your individual fitness goals.

Over the years I have had many coaching roles throughout my career and I have a passion for helping people reach their goals.  I am so inspired by people who work hard to get a handle on their health in this way.  It takes a commitment for us all to make healthy living a daily habit but when that habit becomes our lifestyle you will realize benefits for years to come.   Make me your beachbody coach

I was automatically assigned a Beachbody Coach can I switch?

Yes!  If you send an email to you can easily have me assigned to become your free Beachbody coach.  In your email give your name and email address and simply tell them that you would like to make Anastasia Jahadi #91075 your coach.  They will process your request typically in 24 to 48 hours and you will be reassigned to my team.

Become a Club Member! – 2.99 a week and 10% discount on all purchases!

As a club member you will receive all the benefits of having me as your free Beachbody Coach but you will also get 10% off all your purchases, have access to the meal plans that can be personalized towards your goals and preferences and  attend live video chats with your favorite trainers.

Sign up for Club Membership

Become a Beachbody Coach! – 25% discount on all products and get paid to help others! Are you also someone who is interested in motivating others to reach their fitness goals?  If you enjoy helping others, are passionate about fitness and nutrition then Join us!  Beachbody has amazing training and resources to help get you started.  You will have a great resource in my overall organization as we all help each other as we are learning the business and coaching our customers.

Ask me for more information!

Be sure to send me an email or FB message after you have signed up!


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