• Well I’ve been in pain management mode lately.  Last night looking at my journal I realized how many days I’ve struggled lately.  Usually when I rest do yoga and listen to my body I can rebound from a lupus or fibro flare.  Not so much lately.  I realized that I need to accept the way I’m feeling as my new normal and get back to training if I’m ever going to cross the finish line in Nov.  Last night I laid out my running clothes and took my pain meds and hoped for a good sleep.  I woke feeling rested and ready to run.  I was also very excited to watch the Ironman World Championship as I went which I knew would be hugely inspiring.  I’m a huge IM fan and aspire to do one one day.  Wearing my lucky hat I started with a good 5 minute walk to warm up. I didn’t have a time or distancegoal I was just going to go.  I proceeded to go 13.1 miles using a 30/30 interval. I couldn’t believe I was able to go that far given I have only ran 3 miles in the last mth instead of the usual 60 miles per month at this point in my training. I was feeling it but was so grateful I didn’t care.  I was running.  I’ve been seriously considering moving down to the half for the Richmond marathon.  I know I can have a strong half and it would take some stress off me given how close I am to race day.  Even though all of this is hard it makes me feel like I’m fighting.  Maybe I can sneak into the WDW marathon instead.  Hmmm. 
I’m going to totally feel this run tonight but knowing I was likely to feel bad anyway given the last couple weeks at least I feel like I have a productive reason for it!  I’m still raising money for the lupus foundation- it’s a solid charity that works to further research and create programs for patients like me!  Here’s the link for FB followers and it’s in my bio for IG followers. 
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  • Because you can never have enough pumpkins 🎃🎃🎃👻#Halloween #hauntedmansioninthemaking #pumpkins
  • The chiweenie standoff.  When your little dog decides she doesn’t want to walk and plants her feet giving you the stare down.  Little does she know that hurricane Michael will foil her evening walk.  #chiweenie #chiweeniesofinstagram #littledogs
  • Do you think someone missed me this weekend?  Lift 4 day 1 this morning - trying to work off am that good food I ate in Texas!  #chiweenie #chiweeniesofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #lift4 #womenweightlifting #womenfortri #teamrundisney #beachbodyondemand
  • Annual Aggie game get together! <3 #bthoarkansas #GIGEM #gigemaggies #TexasA&MvsArkansas
  • IV treatment day- doc thinks my bike dilemma is stressing me out lol hoping for a boost for my long run this weekend.  I haven’t run all week :-( #lupus #fibromyalgia #teammakeyourmark #lupusawareness #benlysta #teamrundisney #womenfortri #lupusrunner

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